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New Vision Credit Applications

For a New Vision Co-op credit application, click on one of the following options:

New Accounts

To apply for a new account with New Vision Co-op, or to update your files, please fill out the following forms - the forms can be viewed by clicking on the green highlighted portions of the text.

  • W-9 FORM. This form is required by the IRS for everyone doing business at New Vision Co-op.
  • CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION FORM (ST3). This is required by the State for your sales tax exemption. The ST3 Form must be completed and signed by you to qualify for your Minnesota sales tax producer exemption. Failure to complete, sign and return this form requires New Vision Co-op to assess sales tax on your transactions. Complete the highlighted items.
  • ACCOUNT AND SPLITS FORM. Complete this form exactly how you want the account to be handled for billing and patronage. Data on this form is used to allocate business for patronage purposes and retire equity.
    • This form also has splits information. Complete the splits portion exactly how you want the account to be handled for billing and patronage. Note that splits are usually for our Grain and Agronomy Customers.
  • ACH AUTHORIZATION FORM – get your payments faster and directly into your accounts.
  • CREDIT APPLICATIONSole Proprietorship and Business Partner
  • CREDIT APPLICATION - a Corporation and LLC.
  • MYGROWER ACCOUNT ACCESS - Sign up for MyGrower Online Access to see your statements, invoices, and payments.

New Vision Co-op new customer accounts are eligible for patronage if they conform to the membership definition in the Articles of Incorporation. In order to be considered a member you must:

  1. Do a minimum of $10,000.00 business with New Vision Co-op during the fiscal year (Sept. 1 through Aug. 31st).
  2. Be a producer of agricultural products.
  3. Accept patronage payment and equity allocation.
  4. Be approved by the New Vision Co-op Board of Directors.

You may elect to do business as a non-member by completing the enclosed Revocation of Consent form. Non­members do not receive patronage payments or equity allocations.

If your membership status changes, it is your responsibility to notify us to update your account.

Contact Us

Max. file size: 50 MB.

Please print, fill out, and mail the appropriate forms to the address below or drop off the completed forms at any New Vision Co-op location.

Or download, and complete the forms, and attached the files to the online form on this page.

New Vision Co-op
38438 210th St
Brewster, MN 56119

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