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Contact your New Vision agronomist or orginiator to learn more!

Summer Finance Offering

Starting June 1st, all growers purchasing the following products qualify for 0% financing until January 15, 2025.









25 tons of 32%

2,000 gal of ATS



Purchase any product from the categories above, along with UAN, Urea, or any herbicide, and put everything on JDF.


Advantage Seed Offering

Unlock a .15 Premium on Corn: Purchase 25 units of seed to unlock this exclusive benefit.

Promotion runs until July 31, 2024


Contract Details: 

  • Minimums: 10,000 bushels and 25 units of corn.
  • Small Increments: After the initial contract, increments as low as 4,000 bushels (10 units of seed) are accepted.
  • Flexible Crop Options: Premium will be added to any new cash or basis contract delivered to a New Vision location. All Shipment periods and crop years qualify. Contact the Grain Dept for more details on contract options.
  • Exclusive Financing: 0% John Deere Financing: Commit 75% or more of your farm and enjoy 0% financing until 1/15/25

Seed Purchase Benefits:

All Brands Qualify:

  • Dekalb
  • Brevant
  • Croplan
  • NK

Corn Seed Only

  • No promotion for beans currently



Guaranteed Variety

Secure your seed variety now to avoid shortages next year

Competitive Pricing

Seed pricing will be based on last year's prices with no expected increase.


Enjoy 8% and 12% discounts, mirroring last year's early order timeframe

Payment on the seed if not financed will be net 30 days from contract entry. All bookings will be cancelled after 30 days if not paid for. New Vision Co-op reserves the right to pull at anytime, if we meet or exceed volumes/goals established.

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As a customer of New Vision Co-op, you'll receive the tools in a competitive marketplace that are essential to having a profitable operation.

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