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Use your New Vison Co-op Membership to leverage buying power on your next vehicle purchase through the Land O' Lakes cooperative truck program. This program has saved over $76 million in manufactures' volume discounts to producers and members in the past three years, averaging $5,500 per vehicle in savings.

Over 4,000 Land O' Lakes members have use this program each year. Cooperatives working together to find solutions.

Reasons to use the Coop Truck Program


Average savings of $5,700 and up to $11,000 in savings

No tax on rebate $$ and tax deduction savings

  • Retail rebate $$ are taxed at sales tax rates, then they remove the rebate $$.
  • Coop Truck Program incentive $$ are taken off by manufacturer before tax.
  • See Section 179 tax deduction information:


Retail purchase gets 3 year 36,000 full coverage and powertrain to 60,000 miles, Truck program is fleet so you get 3 year 36K Bumper to Bumper and powertrain 5 year 100,000 miles that is transferable. That’s 40,000 miles of additional coverage (retail cost of roughly $3,000).

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Competitive Pricing

Use Local Dealerships

Extended Warranty

Fast, Easy Process


  1. Plan ahead
    If you order your vehicle vs. buying off the lot, you save anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 in lot fee’s.
  2. Pick your dealer
    Any local dealer can use the program. To order at your local dealer, ask for the Fleet Manager and mention you want to use the Land O’Lakes Fleet Program.  Trade ins are welcome.OR
    Sit at your coffee table and order your vehicle through our authorized central order dealer, Saxon Fleet, at 800-456-1265 (mention you want to use the Land O Lakes Fleet program) and in 15 to 20 minutes’ vehicle is spec’d and priced.  If ordered it will be delivered to your local dealer for you to pick up. Trade ins are welcome.


  1. Have a copy of your past year's equity statement.
  2. Title vehicle in your business name. If you use your personal name for your business, you will also need to provide a copy of your Schedule C or F tax form.
  3. Provide a copy of your past year sales summary showing a minimum of $10,000 in business with the coop.
  4. Keep the vehicle for 12 months.

Key Points

  • Available to all Land O'Lakes members, member cooperatives, Qualified Member Owners, Purina & Winfield dealers, Winfield United Independent Retailers and qualified customers.
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Off invoice rebates - no waiting

Program Manufacturers

  • Ford, General Motors and Ram Trucks, SUVs and Cars
  • Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt
  • CEI Pacer Bulk Feed Trailers
  • CAT Loaders

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