New Vision 2023 Test Plot: Brewster, MN


Planted: 5/22/2023

Harvested: 10/11/2023

Planting Pop: 140k/ac

Note: 1.9 mat and earlier yield: 60 bu/ac avg

2.0 mat and later yield: 56.52 bu/ac avg

Maturity Difference: 3.48 bu/ac avg difference

Plot Avg yield: 58.57 bu/ac

Planted later than the area average. The last 2 weeks of August heat/lack of moisture negatively impacted the yield of soybean maturities 2.0 and later.

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Variety B213EE B202EE B173EE B163EE B152EE CP2220E CP2030E CP1930E CP1720E CP1430E NK22-C4E3 FP+Trunemco NK22-C4E3 P21A53E NK21-C2E3 NK19-T8E3S FP+Trunemco NK19-T8E3S NK19-Y5E3 P18A73E NK18-J7E3 NK16-Z6E3 NK15-G9E3S NK14-W6
Soybean Data


Testing was done in 3 blocks to get 3 points of verified data. Which we average into 1 as well. Labeled Red, Yellow,  and Green.

Red – Below Average

Yellow/Orange – Average

Green – Above average

Scroll to see all results. To see color version, please download the PDF. 

 DKC47-85VT2 DKC101-35VT2 DKC102-13VT4 DKC105-35VT2 DKC56-65SS DKC108-64SS DKC59-82VT2 DKC110-10SS DKC110-41TRE B98Z37AM B99A24Q B03H35AM B05K32AM B06Y18Q B09Z08AM CP3852TRE X23101A/SSPRO CP4188VT2 CP4516TRE X22107A/SS CP4880SS NK0007-AA NK0295-AA NK0835-AA NK1040-AA REP AVG
PLOT AVG188.3210.86200.05193.04215.25199.3209.05170.38211.34224.13216.19220.56215.04204.33213.45205.62222.67201.19207.48177.72205.59205.65207.42161.84173.86
REP STD6.631.776.138.481.8110.997.481514.058.965.956.964.385.793.996.967.515.210.182.5311.264.3715.6110.3133.22
REP CV%3.50%0.80%3.10%4.40%0.80%5.50%3.60%8.80%6.60%4.00%2.80%3.20%2.00%2.80%1.90%3.40%3.40%2.60%4.90%1.40%5.50%2.10%7.50%6.40%19.10%

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