Sale of Marna Facility

Marna Sale

Athens Management Group to Purchase Marna Grain Facility From New Vision Co-op located outside of Blue Earth, Minnesota

Athens Management Group (AMG), a limited liability company jointly owned by Northern Country Cooperative, StateLine Cooperative and Viafield Cooperative. StateLine Cooperative will act as the managing partner for AMG. StateLine Cooperative will manage the facility as an extension of it’s current operations in the area. AMG will take ownership of the New Vision Marna Grain Facility located east of Blue Earth, Minnesota effective September 1, 2023.

“Selling the Marna facility makes sense for the producers in the area. The Marna location is more closely aligned to be served by the StateLine Cooperative team, which is also located near Blue Earth and along the northern Iowa border.  Logistically and operationally, this is a much better fit for the member owners in the Marna area.” said Matt Ashton, CEO of New Vision Co-op.

“The proximity of the Marna asset combined with Union Pacific rail service provides several options to the current StateLine marketplace ,” said Bill Beukema, CEO of StateLine Cooperative.  “Our team is looking forward to realigning assets to leverage the benefits that this purchase will create for StateLine owners and patrons.”

No employees will be impacted by this sale as StateLine Cooperative plans to work with the New Vision team to ensure a seamless transition.

If you have any questions about this purchase agreement, please contact Matt Ashton, CEO of New Vision Co-op, or Bill Beukema, CEO of StateLine Cooperative.

StateLine Cooperative serves producers in North Central Iowa and Southern Minnesota and is based in Burt, Iowa.  New Vision Co-op serves producers largely in Southwestern and Southern Minnesota and is based out of Brewster, Minnesota.

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