March 2024: Agronomy Update

Pattern Ag's soil analysis provides a full physical, chemical, and biological profile of your field, and delivers results through our 360 Dashboard. OurPattern Ag dashboard provides you with comprehensive information about soil nutrients, soil biofertility, soil borne diseases, and below ground pests.

About Pattern Ag

Founded in 2018, Pattern Ag was created by a team with backgrounds in science, technology and agriculture. Discovering a way to DNA test soil, and deliver microbial insights, the team set out with the goal to revolutionize soil testing, and reduce input costs for growers. Our lab and data scientists are located in Emeryville, California, while our sales and marketing teams are located throughout our Midwest footprint.


All of Your Soil Analytics in One Place

Pattern Ag's goal is to deliver the most advanced set of soil analytics to help you make key decisions related to seed, crop, protection and fertility. Pattern Ag has developed three panels to make sure you are getting the most out of your inputs, while maximizing yields.

Listen for yourself with a conversation between Jared Knips, New Vision Co-op Agronomy Sales Manager, and Kip Rasmussen, a New Vision farmer out of Jeffers, MN.

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