Magnolia Location

The scenery at the Magnolia Site is changing! Construction has begun on the grain addition at the Magnolia Site. Contractors have started digging the hole for the new 1.5 million bushel bin and additional leg and dump pit! The new addition will give more storage for grain and increase the speed of dumping grain to better serve our customers! It will also allow us to segregate corn and bean receiving when needed to allow for quicker dumping.

In addition to that project, there will also be another 12-bay truck garage added to the east of the existing truck garage. Construction on the new truck garage is scheduled to begin a little later this spring. This garage is a very key addition to the site for a few reasons. It keeps our truck fleet out of the elements so that they start easier in cold weather and allows us to use less blended fuel winter. It also protects them from the elements which allows us to preload trucks for the next days deliveries and store hoppers of ingredients without affecting the quality of our products. Another key item regarding storing truck inside is Biosecurity. It keeps our fleet cleaner and lowers our risk of transporting contaminants.

As many of you have heard, HPAI (High Path Avian Influenza) has affected a lot of poultry flocks throughout the Midwest in the past couple of months. Many poultry producers learned a lot about improving their Biosecurity practices when HPAI swept through the country in 2015 and have maintained those protocols since then. Your New Vision Feed Team has worked right along with area poultry producers to make improve our Biosecurity protocols as well. Please know that your New Vision Feed Team is doing our part daily to follow all necessary Biosecurity protocols to minimize the spread of this devastating disease.

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